WD Series Bucket Sand Washer

    • WD


    • 2600-3600

      Wheel Bucket Diameter(mm)

    • 1-2.5

      Rotation Rater(r/min)

    • ≤ 10

      Max Feeding Size

    • 30-180


    • 5.5-15

      Motor Power(kw)


    Product Introduction:

    WD series bucket sand washer, which can clean and separate stone powder and soil in sand and gravel. Its novel sealing structure and reliable transmission ensure the effect of washing and dewatering. A high efficiency wheeled sand washer used.

    WD Series Bucket Sand Washers are mainly used for washing and dehydrating sand stones for constructions. It is the highly effective equipment that is matched with sand maker.


    Working Principle:

    When wheeled sand washer works, the electrical motor runs slowly while using impeller after being decelerated with the V-belt, decelerator and gears. The sand-stone flows coming from feed tank into washing tank , rolls with all the impellor and grinds one another to take out the impurities at first glance of sand-stone. Concurrently, increase the water, the strong discharge will require away impurities and a few low-weight overseas things through flood washing tank, then sand-stone becomes clean. The clean sand-stone is lifted up by vane to our-feed tank in order to complete the washing task.


    Product Features & Advantages:

    1.Reasonable structure. The impeller drive bearing is isolated from water and materials buried in washer, which greatly avoid the bearing damaged because of soaking in water,sand and other pollutants.

    2.Extremely rare lost of medium and fine sand, the grading and fineness module of washed building sand have achieved two national standards” sand for building” and” cobble and gravel for building”.

    3.Almost no wear parts except for the sieve mesh of sand washer.

    4.High output and low power consumption.

    5.Longer service life and convenient maintenance.

    6.Save water resource.

    7.No pollution and high cleaning degree.





    Model WD081 WD091 WD101 WD121
    Wheel Bucket Diameter(mm) 2600 2800 3200 3600
    Rotation Rater(r/min) 2.5 1.2 1 1
    Max Feeding Size(mm)  10  10  10  10
    Capacity(t/h) 30~70 50~100 80~120 120~180
    Motor Power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15