FGT Series Vibrating Feeder

    • FGT


    • 450-1000

      Max Feed Size(mm)

    • 40-650


    • 2*1.5-13

      Motor Power(kw)

    • 10

      Installation Slope(°)

    • 1143-9176



    Product Introduction:

    FGT Series Grizzly Vibrating Feeders are designed and manufactured on the absorption of Sweden and Finland technology and adopts the vibrating motor with Japanese technology to produce the vibration force.


    Product Features & Advantages:

    1. This series of product have a great variety and can be customized for specific requirements.

    2. All types of feeder can control the feeding material quantity automatically or by hand.

    3. Smooth vibration, reliable work and longer service life.

    4. Be able to adjust vibrating force, change and control the flow at any time with convenient and stable adjustment.

    5. Use the vibrating motor to produce vibration force, low noise, low power consumption, excellent adjusting performance and no phenomenon of rushing materials.

    6. Simple structure, reliable operation and convenient adjustment and installation.

    7. Light in weight, small volume and convenient maintenance. Using the body of closed structure can prevent dust contamination.


    Working Principle:

    FGT Series Grizzly Vibrating Feeders adopt two vibrating motor with the same capabilities to produce the vibrating force. When both of them make the motion of reverse rotation in the same angular velocity, the inertial force produced by eccentric block is offset and summed up. Thus the great exciting force compels the frame vibrating in the spring support, which drives the materials slide or tossed forward on the frame and achieves the aims of feeding. When the materials cross the grizzly fences, the small-sized materials are fallen through and achieve the effectiveness of sifting.




    Model Max Feeding Size (mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Installation Slope(°) WeightKG
    FGT271 450 40-80 2×1.5 10 1143
    FGT351 560 90-160 2×3 10 2196
    FGT431 600 150-280 2×7.5 10 4786
    FGT471 800 230-400 2×12 10 6738
    FGT581 1000 400-650 2×13 10 9176