XF Series Impact Crusher

    • XF


    • 15-1100


    • 300-1500

      Max Feeding Size(mm)

    • 30-1120

      Motor Power(kw)

    • 8.1-106.6



    Product Introduction


    The XF series impact crusher absorbs the latest technology from the international Crushing and gives it the quality of international advanced technology. The unique design of heavy-duty rotor, involute crushing chamber, heavy crushing  plate, wear-resistant hammer head and hydraulic opening device ensures that it has the characteristics of large crushing capacity, stable product quality, low production cost and convenient operation and maintenance. It is widely used in coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and waste recycling of medium hardness and low abrasive rock.


    Working Principle


    The XF series is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to break down materials. During operation, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed. When the material enters the action area of the hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the hammer. The broken material is thrown in the tangential direction to the impact plate installed above the rotor to be broken again, and then The impact plate rebounds back to the hammer action zone and breaks again. This process is repeated until the material is broken to the desired particle size and is discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material size and material shape


    Product Features & Advantages


    1. High-quality plates and wear parts to reduce abrade and improve the production efficiency of various conditions.
    2. Heavy type rotor, finite element endurance analysis, optimized design, reasonable structure and enhancing moment of inertia lead to bigger crushing ratio and better abrasion resistance.
    3. Static and dynamic balancing test for the welding rotor should be done before assembling.
    4. Main shaft is finished by quality forging, adopts keyless design and world advanced cover tightening connection to ensure the reliable working and make the maintenance easier.
    5. Unique locking device for hammers makes the tightening moment of force more safe and bigger. Hammers replace can be more simple and convenient.
    6. Standard design for liners increase the interchangeability, decrease the repertory and variety of liners.
    7. Unique hydraulic device design is convenient for opening the fame racks to replace wear parts and adjust the discharge size.







    Rotor Size

    Feeding Port Size


    Motor Power

    Dimension Size


    XF311P(S)(T) 400*730 300 15-40 30-45 2210*1490*2670 8.1
    XF391P(S)(T) 750*620(520) 300 40-70 37-55 3115*1600*2932 11.8
    XF392P(S)(T) 1100*630(530) 400 70-100 55-75 3060*2048*2935 14.6
    XF471P(S)(T) 1100*740(590) 500 100-180 110-132 3095*2048*2970 14.7
    XF472P(S)(T) 1450*760(590) 500 100-290 132-160 3095*2398*2970 17.4
    XF511P(S)(T) 1550*1080(840) 700 180-350 200-250 3645*3025*3210 22.6
    XF551P(S)(T) 1550*1130(860) 750 220-450 250-315 3755*3022*3333 27.2
    XF591P(S)(T) 2050*1130(830) 800 250-550 400-500 3552*3547*3231 36.2
    XF631P(S)(T) 2050*1350(950) 1100 400-600 560-630 4019*4064*3652 53.9
    XF711P(S)(T) 2050*1670 1400 500-850 630-800 4785*4338*4849 77.7
    XF791P(S)(T) 2300*1840 1500 800-1100 800-1120 5382*5145*5454 106.6

    Impact Crusher Do Not Has Grinding Chamber Use   Model XF391P(S)Has Grinding Chamber Use XF391P(S)T


    Note:1. The processing capacity is the data when the density of the broken material is 1.6×103 kg/m3. The production capacity is related to the physical properties of the crushed material, the feeding mode, the feeding granularity and its composition;

    2. Our products are constantly updated and improved, we reserves the right to change parameters and design without first notifying the user;

    3. The above product configuration is not necessarily the factory standard configuration. Please consult us in detail when purchasing